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Perennial's Strategies

Shared Expectations
Before we begin work on any project, we develop a project-specific, clearly defined scope of work and timeline to accomplish each client’s objectives. This is a key step for a successful project.

Above and Beyond Service Environmental
Consulting is more than the documents produced. At Perennial, we do not believe in one template for success. We create customized approaches and innovative solutions through partnerships with our clients and a firm understanding of their objectives. Perennial continues to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory and commercial environments so that we can provide value to our customers, without sacrificing service or project efficiency.

Technical Understanding
We take tremendous pride in working with our clients and providing them with a team of experienced professionals to support their needs. Our team has a wide range of regulatory, scientific, and project experience, allowing us to approach new projects with well-defined and thoughtful objectives.

Commitment to Details
Our attention to detail drives our technical thinking and persistent pursuit of value for our clients. We understand that every detail is important to a project and it only takes one comma to change a meaning. Perennial approaches every detail with a keen eye, so deliverables are right the first time.

Efficient and On-Time
We organize projects so that each one is completed efficiently and on-schedule. We take pride in being an extension of our clients’ teams, and view timely delivery as one of our core competencies and a key differentiator in our field.

Our Projects

Client Experience

Project teams we routinely interface with have commended our high level of service, commitment to quality deliverables, commitment to managing schedules and budgets, and the adaptability of our staff to evolving project and regulatory parameters. 

Project Highlights

Leading energy and pipeline companies are discovering something: they gain strategic advantages from timely environmental compliance solutions and a true partnership with an expert environmental team as demonstrated in the list of successfully executed projects.