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Perennial employs the latest spatial analysis software for drafting, analysis, and visualization. Using state-of-the art Trimble Geo 7X Handheld technology, our biologists and cultural resource specialists provide sub-meter mapping accuracy with reliable data. Perennial combines years of experience with a wide variety of geospatial technologies to provide actionable solutions to your project’s environmental challenges and more, providing sub-meter mapping accuracy with reliable data.

Summary of Services:

  • Cloud-Based sub-meter GPS data processing and analysis;
  • Drone imagery collection, processing, classification, and analysis;
  • Aerial interpretation; Threatened and endangered species modeling; Invasive species modeling;
  • Watershed analysis; Custom gaps and graphics and cloud-based data sharing; Complex spatial data analysis and predictive modeling;
  • Impacts analyses for Federal, State, and Local Permitting;
  • Phase I analysis; Flood mapping;
  • Soils analysis; Feasibility studies;
  • Alternatives analysis; and
  • Cultural Resources probability modeling and mapping.