Wetland and Waterbody Delineations and Mitigation

Perennial’s experience with wetland and waterbody delineations ranges from small developments to large transportation and utility projects. Delineations are performed by our team of experienced biologists through an evaluation of vegetation, soils, and hydrology according to the methodology prescribed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and/or state environmental agencies. Through use of sub-meter GPS units, we collect data along wetland and waterbody boundaries during field surveys allowing us to efficiently produce accurate mapping and impact calculations.

When project siting and activities result in unavoidable loss of wetland habitat, Perennial manages:

  • Development of wetland mitigation plans and conceptual project designs, as well as construction, revegetation, and monitoring plans;
  • Construction and remediation of herbaceous freshwater wetlands systems and estuarine marsh restoration, including the transplanting of wetland vegetation; and
  • Post-construction wetland monitoring, including the qualitative and quantitative assessment of revegetation success and diversity.

We pride ourselves in conducting thorough, safe, and efficient wetland and waterbody delineations and provide expert consultations to help our clients navigate regulatory requirements to develop the best strategy for each project.

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