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Environmental Compliance Inspection, Training, and Auditing

Perennial provides project and facility inspections, monitoring, and audits to ensure that construction and operations activities are in compliance with associated regulatory permits and corporate policies.

Compliance Inspection AuditingEnvironmental Inspection
An environmental compliance inspection ensures that construction and operation activities are in compliance with associated regulatory permits and corporate policies. The scope and intent of environmental compliance inspections vary from project to project. An environmental inspector enforces environmental regulations by making routine project or facility inspections, investigating complaints, and reporting compliance or violations to the client or regulatory agency.

Perennial provides project and facility inspections, construction oversight, monitoring, and audits for entire projects, large and small, or can operate as part of an existing inspection team. Through the development of project-specific inspection guidelines and training of personnel, our clients receive exemplary inspector performance and efficiency. All of our inspectors understand the necessity of meeting project timelines while controlling costs and achieving project objectives. Our inspectors have worked extensively on projects throughout the nation, including those whose inspection reporting was mandated by a federal agency.

Our onshore capabilities and experience includes: energy generation, product import and export terminals, refineries, pipelines, transmission lines, fiber optic lines, and overhead and subsurface utility lines. Our offshore capabilities and experience includes: offshore pipelines, platform construction, drilling operations, and offshore utility lines.

Environmental Training
In addition to environmental inspection services, Perennial also provides environmental training programs covering a broad array of topics to provide clients with functional knowledge of environmental requirements and changes. These training programs facilitate and ensure a safe and environmentally sound work environment for companies and contractors. Perennial’s training presentations can be tailored to a client’s project or facility or provide a more broad-scale curriculum of environmental regulations and processes. These environmental training presentations can be administered in person, on-site, or through web conferencing.

Post-Construction and Restoration Monitoring
Perennial performs post-construction and restoration monitoring in accordance with project-specific mitigation measures and regulatory standards. Post-construction monitoring may include recurring or one-time field inspections, reporting, and assessments to plan for future monitoring. We monitor for revegetation success, re-establishment of pre-construction contours and hydrology, and encroachment of invasive species. When paired with our environmental inspection services, we set standards and practices that ensure successful post-construction restoration of a project’s footprint.

Facility Compliance Auditing
We provide systematic regulatory audits to determine the environmental status and performance of facilities and operations. Our environmental audits assess the quality of existing environmental management systems and identify additional initiatives to improve the environmental performance of a facility or operation.