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Aquatic Management

Algae and vegetation build-up can be a very costly problem in lakes and ponds. If not treated correctly, major problems can occur such as fish kills, algae growth, and extreme foul odors. Our goal in aquatic vegetation control is to develop a proactive approach to managing fresh water lakes and ponds. This keeps your ponds and lakes looking as aesthetically pleasing and as healthy as possible.

Perennial provides aquatic consulting and management services for Homeowner Associations, Municipal Utility Districts, master-planned communities, government entities, business parks, developers, private land owners, golf courses, industry and more. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective service to help our clients in the management of their lakes and ponds, allowing these resources to attain and maintain their highest aesthetic, recreational, and environmental potential.

A healthy lake or pond is the product of a long-term vegetation control and maintenance program. Perennial offers an affordable way to treat aquatic growth using Environmental Protection Agency-approved aquatic algaecides, herbicides, and biological products. Perennial can also install aeration equipment that will provide the needed levels of oxygen to improve the overall water quality in any body of water. Perennial offers year-round maintenance programs for your lake or pond and fountain aerator systems. Perennial also offers fish feeding stations to maximize the utilization and benefits of your resource, while donating a portion of the proceeds back into the community.

Our team is trained, tested, and licensed to handle the specific chemicals and equipment that are used in aquatic plant control and can offer a solution to any submerged, emergent, or floating weed problem that you may have. Perennial is committed to making a difference in water quality management, thereby increasing the value of your resource and property.